Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Sutherland Earrings

I've had these earrings in my head for about a month now.  I intended to make them for the Art Jewelry Elements Components January Challenge, but I ran out of time.  So I am happy that I finished them and can share them here, finally.

The earrings proved difficult to photograph.  If you lay them on a horizontal surface (as in the picture below) then the dangly chain slinks off to the side.  When worn, they hang as in the picture above.
The lampwork glass beads, by Genea Beads, have swirling colors of jade green, tan and blue, with cream colored tops and bottoms.  The ceramic, dagger shaped dangles, by Suburban Girl Studio, have a gradient of colors from, light blue-green to jade, to a deep green-teal color on the tips. I added a little bit of decorative chain just for fun.
As I was admiring the colors in these earrings, I realized that they were the same blue and greens of Lake Sutherland, where my family used to vacation when I was in elementary school.  Its an alpine lake on the Olympic Peninsula, in Washington State.  If you woke up early in the morning, before the boats were out, the water was as smooth as glass and emerald green.  I was always my happiest and most peaceful self when I was at Lake Sutherland.
Isn't it cool that the colors can bring back such a flood of happy memories?  And its a great treasure to have memories that fill you with joy, even 50 years later.
 Maple Grove Resort on Lake Sutherland, in the 1950's, when my family vacationed here.  Found this vintage photo in a Google search.


  1. These are beautiful Linda! I would have thought the dagger beads were also lampwork. Really pretty! And the decorative chain adds the perfect touch to the set! Lovely lake! I can see why it's ingrained in your memory! WA sure has a lot of gorgeous, inspirational places!

  2. I have to say I don't believe I've ever heard of Lake Sutherland, it's certainly beautiful and I can see why it inspired you. The earrings are so pretty, I love that combination of blues and greens and each component is gorgeous on it's on and really beautiful together!

  3. Fabulous earrings! I love all the components and the movement from the drops and elements. Luscious colors and what a beautiful lake... reminds me of the lakes we have here in the Rockies. Great design!