Monday, February 16, 2015

Stand Still

My iPhone is constantly loaded with pictures that I take whenever my husband and I go on our various road trips. I cannot get enough of nature, and I treasure each instant that I can capture... 
such as this one:

I am in awe at the vastness of it all, the colors, the textures, that raw untouched feel,
like the rest of the world does not exist and time is standing still...

Stand still my child,
Listen to the sounds of nature,
Mother Earth's breath gently caressing your face...
Enjoy the light scent of wild flowers,
And the sun's warm touch on your soul...

Inspired by blue skies, tree branches and leaves, the color of the earth...
as well as by pebbles and rocks, I've designed these earrings:
Stand Still Turquoise Hemp & Fine Silver Earrings
These earrings feature gorgeous natural Sleeping Beauty Turquoise pebbles, a pair of my hand made .999 Fine Silver (PMC3) leaf charms, suspended on variegated hemp cords in earth tones and Sterling Silver accents and a pair of my handmade Sterling Silver Ear Wires.

Rustic, light and serene, these earrings take me back to my mountains...

I'm seriously considering keeping these for my private collection, so I'm not listing these just yet. 
I might make others in a similar style... time will tell.

Today is my (late) father's birthday. He would have been 81.
Happy birthday papa... may you have a wonderful birthday with the angels xoxo



  1. Cool the earrings Nathalie! Love the different textures. Arizona Sleeping Beauty turquoise, simply beautiful. I love SB turquoise it has a really pretty blue quality to it.

  2. Love the soft wispy look of these. Like they are blowing in the cool air by that lake. Gorgeous!! I love the leaf charms. I hope to see more of those from you! I don't blame you for keeping them. I think they would look great on you too!

  3. So graceful and light! The dotted beads look like pinecones, and the cording makes me think of branches--so perfect with the leaves and sky blue turquoise!