Thursday, February 26, 2015

Art Deco Revisited

Art Deco
I found these fabulous fan-shaped shell beads at a local shop, Powderhorn Trading Company. They are just lovely, like giant pearls. I used my embossed poppy caps on them in sterling silver, with Argentium silver earwires and Indonesian glass beads (from Happy Mango Beads) in a soft turquoise color and matte finish.

I was surprised, when they were finished, what a strong Art Deco vibe they had, which delighted me because I adore Art Deco!! I think it was the repeating fan shapes and angular lines, with both the shell beads and the caps--there are fan shapes, sunbursts, and similar motifs everywhere in Art Deco! And of course an emphasis on angular patterns:
From Wikipedia, 1930 Milwaukee Gas Light Building, Photo by Seth Anderson
From Wikipedia, Chrysler Building, New York City, Photo by Postdlf
From Wikipedia, Sunburst, Eastern Columbia Building entrance, photo by Binksternet
From Wikipedia, Griffith Observatory detail, Los Angeles, Photo by Nathan Day
I've never really considered myself a triangle person, but all this Art Deco goodness could make me change my mind...

More information available at my Etsy shop, HERE.


  1. Beautiful! I am not surprised they are sold already. The level of craftsmanship - just wow. The little blue beads you've wrapped into the ear wires just make the set pop! The bead caps really let me know these are a signature Lune Designs set! I just adore your work! Huge fan here. :-)

  2. Gorgeous! I love Art Deco too and these are totally spot on. I agree that the little blue beads wrapped into the ear wires are a superb touch. Fabulous design, as usual!!

  3. Oh Keirsten! These are so cool. Well done my friend.

  4. Yes very very cool!! I've never seen shell in that shape and the way you cap them is perfection!

  5. Fabulous shapes - I do love those caps of yours!

  6. Luscious earrings! Your metalwork is amazing!!

  7. You've created such a sexy silhouette with these fan shapes! Love that bead cap, adds just the right touch. :)

  8. Yup, these totally say 'Art Deco'! I never realized how much I love this style until last sorta hit me one day how neat the design from this era was. Your earring design totally captures it. Beautiful!