Monday, May 26, 2014

Go big or go home

Hoops are so versatile and are always in fashion.
From teeny-tiny to gigantic sizes, there's something in there for everyone's taste.

I hadn't made big gigangic hoops in awhile, and I decided that today was THE day :)

So this is what I made... for the big hoops earrings lovers of this world,
inspired by fun Summer nights with family and friends:

These 14kt Gold-Filled hoop earrings are oval shaped, over 3 inches tall (from the top of my cold-forged handcrafted ear wires) by over 2 inches wide.
I have wire wrapped them with rustic chunks of Chinese Turquoise.

I also incorporated some fun flirty chains in the mix.
A little bit of Rustic Chic, as I like to call it. 
You can dress them up or down, these extra large gold hoops are READY for a Summer Party!

You can find these HERE on my website.
Thanks for stopping by and hope you're enjoying your long weekend!

Nathalie Lesage, Metalsmith, Jewelry Artist


  1. Go big or go home is one of the jewelry trends for FW 2014 - so you are right on trend with these earrings

    1. I had absolutely no idea (I'm ashamed to say that I don't follow trends... I just follow what my mind cooks up in terms of designs). Very cool! Thanks for letting me know :)

  2. I don't know about trends, but your wire work is amazing as always- and the design is spectacular. I love how you did the beads and dangling wires at the top. Beautiful!

  3. Gorgeous earrings Nath! This looks like something we would find up here in Sedona. Great wire wrapping!

  4. LOVE turquoise and gold together, these are stunning! I love how big they are, and your addition of the flirty chain was genius! I love the little gold beads in there too.

  5. Wowser - No messing about hoop-age! Love them!

  6. I'm a die-hard lover of big earrings - especially hoops and these are just gorgeous!