Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Waste Not

When you are always trying something new in your designs as I am, you are bound to have some results that fall short of your expectations. So what do you do, throw it out and start over or keep going and adapt?

I started these earrings with a completely different idea in mind, but then my stamping did not turn out well. I was going for a primitive look anyway, so I hammered over the stamping to get a roughened surface.  I continued to hammer the body of the earrings into a slightly domed shape and the finials until they were thin enough to punch holes through. Then I applied a heat patina that brought out a warm brassy tone.

Often the unplanned things that happen, turn out to be pleasant surprises. I love it when that happens!

For a coordinating outfit, I chose to go dressy instead of casual this time around. The earrings, of course, could work either way.

Gloria Ewing

Chrysalis Jewelry on Artfire
Chrysalis Too on Etsy

Ralph Lauren Dress - $415

Ted Baker Blazer - $190
johnlewis.comOffice or Evening

Burberry Pumps - $846

Tote Bag - $3020

LibbySue Scarf - $18

River Island Belt - $29


  1. Your brass turned out gorgeous! I love the colors you achieved with the flame. I've hammered over stamping too--I love metal that way! I like the mix of these more primitive earrings with your chicly urban ensemble.

    1. Kiersten, I took your tip for annealing, putting the copper on the electric stove burner. That brassy patina is the result.

    2. oh cool!!! i love the variegated effect you got!!

  2. Love the way they turned out and the way you "found" them.