Friday, November 30, 2012

Think Pink!

Pretty pink lampwork glass beads created by Jelveh Jafarian have been paired with pleated copper beads and embellished with hand wrought copper caps.

I kind of cheated today, as these have been buried in my shop for a while...forgive me ;)  But look at these cool boots!  I want...I think Jen Judd rocks a pair of similar ones!
Think Pink

Think Pink by melismatic featuring a cat jacket

These and more eclectic jewelry are in my shops...Melismatic Art Jewelry and Etsy!


  1. Those are a great pair of boots and the pink earrings would be the perfect match! I love the wire work, it adds so much to the earrings.

  2. I love those lampwork beads! They make me think of neapolitan ice cream. LOVE copper with pink!

  3. Really really love these!! Simple and elegant and pink!! If I had these I would wear them today because they would match perfectly with what I am wearing!

  4. Wow! Those boots ROCK! I am not a fan of wearing pink, but you have me rethinking it with your pretty baubles! Enjoy the day. Erin