Sunday, June 3, 2018

Ancient Faces

So I made these earrings a few days ago. I was hoping to create something brand new today, but completely ran out of time, but I'm happy to make these the star of the show!
There are lots of jewellery components featuring faces at the moment. None more beautiful (in my opinion!) than Natalie of Peruzi's. These exquisite faces are made from polymer clay and have a beautifully bleached, ancient look. There is some pretty orange mosaic detailing at the top of the faces, which I matched with beautifully rich amber rondelles

I've framed the faces with two different kinds of brass hoops, and added some pretty, rustic indonesian beads

So that's it from me for a couple of weeks! These pretties will be available at the end of the month over on The Earrings Show in Facebook Land :-)

Sue x
Utterly Lovely Stuff


  1. These are wonderful Sue. I love the detail with the Indonesian beads.

  2. The faces are beautiful and ethereal indeed! But what you have done with them is beyond compare. They are extraordinary, Sue. I think there will be one lucky woman wearing these very soon. Amazing!!

    1. Not sure why it didn’t know who I was. 😊 it’s norbel.