Friday, January 15, 2016

We're All Ears :: January Reveal

So... which colors did you choose to work with for this challenge?

I sort of left it wide open, but for me I always strive for a true challenge, so I stuck to the pink and blue from the Pantone colors of the year. 

I really couldn't see my way to combining the two colors. They still speak to me more of baby showers, Love's Baby Soft and every 80s prom, so I kept them separate. And then I let the auditioning begin.

I started by selecting a bunch of art beads from my stash. I wish I could tell you all the lovely artists who made each bead, but I am sorry that I just don't know. Blue is easy to find, but I was actually surprised that I had so much pink.
I tried different beads together with assorted headpins. I changed around the order of them. I added spacer beads, bead caps. And of course a few crystals. I have a few unwritten rules when it comes to making earrings. I like movement, so a dangle now and then is nice. I like mixing finishes, matte with shiny, rough with smooth. I almost always try to put an art bead or something else that is precious or has a story. And a little bit of bling to catch the light is always nice!

I was told by the Gallery Q that someone had come in looking at my earrings but was a bit like Goldilocks... this one was too long, this one too short... none of them were just right. So I have set out the restrain myself and make some earrings that are a bit on the average length (or what I think is average). I typically tend to make things longer because that is what I like, but I guess I should pay attention to what the public wants. I hope they want pink and blue! 

polymer clay :: Humblebeads
Rustic and earthy, with a movement and just a hint of sparkle
lampwork glass :: Kelly Wenzel
copper ear wires / headpins :: Rebecca Anderson
Soft and romantic with mix of faceted and smooth
lampwork glass :: Julsbeads
Mixed metals, rustic and organic
lampwork glass :: Maryse Fritzsch-Thillens
Movement and sparkle with interesting art beads
ceramic rounds :: ??
Simple, mixed textures and a little sparkle for the light
interesting shaped side drilled aquamarine gemstones
1940s Japanese lampwork glass, new old stock
Odd shapes and interesting textures

Hurry up spring and get here already! I am tired of the cold and ice and snow!
Now it is your turn... what colors in the Pantone spring palette inspired you? And let's all think WARM THOUGHTS!

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  1. Gorgeous collection. I tend to gravitate to blues, but I would wear any of those pinks in a heart beat. I also tend to make earrings on the longer side because that's what I like. And it almost seems like cheating to make them short and simple. But as you noted, that's what the people want sometimes.

  2. They are all lovely earrings. Personally I love peach so I adore those earrings. I like you yellow a lot also. What can I say! They are are all wonderful.

    I hear what you say about making earrings for the public. I have found that my long earrings do not sell for the most part and they tend to be more expensive. I am trying to make shorter and less expensive now. People are definitely not interested in heavy earrings which tend to be longer also.

  3. You are a creative machine Erin! They are all Lovely!! On paper the Pantone colors don't do all that much for me but I quite like the colors in Jewelry! :)

  4. Such a pretty palette of colors in your collection, Erin! Don't see much peach around, such a sweet color!

  5. Wow!Awesome earrings, Erin! So fresh and lovely. It's been a relatively nice winter here in Mich....but I'm so ready for spring.

  6. Wow Erin lots of beautiful choices you were really inspired. I too tend to make my earrings too long, but they just come together that way! So I shall challenge myself to try and make a second pair that is a bit more "average". Thank you again for a great month of inspiration!

  7. Wonderful combinations, Erin! I definitely need to buy some art beads this year!

  8. You really got these colours sorted, Erin!