Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Acorn Earrings

When we were in Oaxaca, Mexico last winter I found this necklace made out of drilled acorns.  Once back in the States, I took the necklace apart and have found several uses for the acorns.
 Today's earrings combine two of the acorns with some woodsy colored ceramic components by Marti Conrad.
 The earring are quite simple, but they are fun and combine well with lots of casual outfits. They'd be great to wear from September through the end of November.
I'll be adding these earrings to my shop later this afternoon.


  1. clever, wonder why the acorns don't deterioriate, are they treated or sprayed with a clear coating?

    1. They are not coated with anything. I just think that acorns don't deteriorate unless they are outside, exposed to the elements.

  2. Acorns are so pretty and so are these earrings. Maybe I could snag a couple to try electroforming for you?

  3. These earrings look fun!

    Greetings, Sofie

  4. What a great use of acorns. Great combo with the ceramic links.

  5. Darling earrings. Lucky you to have scored those acorns.

  6. Oh my! What a find! I would love a necklace like this that I would pull apart. Real acorns intrigue me and I can't stop stuffing my pockets with them. Enjoy the day! Erin

  7. So, so cute! It makes me want to run out to my oak covered yard to look for acorns. . .if it weren't dark with the remnants of a hurricane rainstorm raging out there. I'll have to remember to do this when it's not scary outside! Beautiful earrings!