Thursday, November 14, 2013

Hardware Fixation

I adore hardware--especially washers! These simple earrings are made from solid copper washers stamped with a flower design, and glass beads in cool periwinkle nested in copper wire.

Bronze split-lock washers are a particular favorite of mine--the color is luscious! But it takes some real elbow grease to close them. They look fabulous with a subtle hammer texture:

I wrapped the split area with steel wire, but you could probably solder them too. They're deliciously substantial!

You can see more at my Etsy shop HERE.


  1. Washers are a staple in my jewelry stash too. Love your embellishments!
    Have you ever put one through a rolling mill several times? Out comes very cool, perfect ovals!

  2. These are beautiful! That's a great use for washers!

  3. I love that something so cool can come from something so utilitarian!! Always beautiful work Keirsten!!

  4. I also have a thing for copper washers and yours are beautifully finished! As always your wire wrapping is superb!

  5. Love them. Your stamping is awesome. No matter what I do I seem to really stamp the hell out of my components. Maybe I need to quit while I am ahead and ask myself "What Would Kiersten Do?" Lovely! Enjoy the day. Erin