Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Leafy Shade.

Oh my, it's so hot over here - the north of  England reaches 31 degrees? What's all that about? Hottest summer since 1976 - which I recall well, as I was chasing a very mobile 15 month old around at the time. So at least thank goodness for small mercies.
My workroom just happens to be my conservatory - wonderful for light and air but when I come down in the morning to open the doors and windows and it's off the top of the thermometer - 50 degrees C - I know I'm not going to get anything done again till evening. So making the most of getting out on my bike and keeping the garden tidy - the shady part with lots of shrubbery being my favourite part! This weeks earrings echo that sentiment - cool and fresh.

The leafy porcelain buds are by French artist PerlaYo - I've had them for ages, wondering how to make them come alive. Playing around with copper leaf headpins from Cecilia Lawrence I turned them upside down, twisted around and threaded seed beads on. Hung on Lucy's copper earwires, they have just the fresh look I was after.

Just popped them in my Etsy shop if you'd like them.  See you again in a few weeks time - I'm off to Greece for my hols in 10 days, hoping to pick up some inspiration for my next show, which is sea-themed.  Have a lovely summer, and if you are going away, have a great time.
Lindsay xx


  1. Utterly beautiful, evocative of spring, summer and autumn. x

  2. Oh, I love these!! Love the porcelain buds and the headpins and the seed beads and the ear wires and the design... well, you get the message. I love these.
    Sorry Lindsay, here in Greece it isn't much cooler... Enjoy your holiday. We have to meet one day!

  3. Beautiful earrings, I love the wire work and PerlaYo beads are fab! xx