Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Beauty in the Eyes

Isn't it the truth? It's old-timey, cliche, and overused, but the saying that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder will always hold water. One of the incredible things about humans beings is that we all have different ideas of what beauty is---what pleases us, makes us smile, stays in our mind long after the initial vision is gone. 

No one version of beauty will ever trump. How boring would it be if everyone looked the same, anyways? Diversity: it's necessary on a biological level as well as a "keeping your interest" level. 


While I tend to mix media with abandon in my jewelry, I like to think that my pieces still share a common aesthetic thread: primitive organics. My version of beauty pays homage to forms occurring in nature---however abstract, however old, however futuresque. I love to mix sprawling organic forms with manmade art beads or vintage bits from the past. 

Today's pair of earrings is no exception. Two segments of copper have been beaten, twisted, and oxidized so that they resemble branches or vines. I strung each hoop with a single vivid otherworldly lampwork glass Basha bead. The dichotomy between the gnarled twisted copper and the striking flash of the beads just makes my neurotransmitters go the best way possible. 

So if you've been bored with mainstream ideas of beauty and have always wanted to explore different aesthetics, go ahead and take the plunge---you'll be surprised how many people from your tribe are out there. 

Happy Wednesday!
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  1. Love Basha beads and your use of them is outstanding! Is the other wire steel?

    1. It's all copper, believe it or not - just different degrees of oxidation :)

  2. Gorgeous!!! I just used my first pair of Basha Beads a couple of days ago, they are inspiring and these earrings are incredible!!!

  3. Love them! Love them! Love them! Organic, tribal, rough, dark, textured... and glowing! :)

  4. Wonderful colors in those beads and they really come to life with the metals you've chosen to put with them.

  5. Grinning like a fox here - thank you all!! :)

  6. First off...the is all of your work...are stunning! But what has struck a chord with me, is this blog post. Thank you for expressing your thoughts in this way....

  7. I love your post, and I love your earring design! Fabulous all around :)

  8. Whoa! Stop me dead in my tracks! I love basha beads. Have a few I have hoarded for years. But your twisted copper is what makes these come even more alive! They really do look like twisted vines. Not even sure how you did that! Enjoy the day. Erin